Daily Schedule

Breakfast: It starts between 7:30-7:45

8:00 Bus table and clean up.

8:30-9:15 Do a preschool early math/early literacy activity.

This is a good time to offer one on one helping/showing them the activity. (We make sure the activity is age appropriate. A two year old would not do the same activity. Instead of counting the bears like a preschooler, they may sort the bears in containers. Some may do it by colors if they know them. We will set up other activities that they can choose to do).

We may do a folding activity. We use cloth towels for our hands and for other functions, like the table spill towel, and the floor towel, cloth napkins etc. This activity is math related by counting the number of towels they fold, sorting where they go. It is a fine motor activity by actually folding or rolling the towels. We let the children know that by us using the cloth towels we are not wasting paper towels that are made from cutting down trees. (We use paper towels sparingly, we use the post consumer recycled kind). The children learn we are working together to fold, because we all use the towels. Learning responsibility. (Hopefully they will help fold at home!)

9:15 Music & Movement.

9:30 Outside time.

Some of the things the children can do outside are: ride tricycles, swing on the rope (with adult supervision), play in the playhouse, swing on the rope horses, go down the slide, jump on the bean bag, do water play, go in the sandbox, paint or do a sensory activity in the Art/Sensory area, help in the backyard garden. (We currently have cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, and bell peppers growing there). And of course look for bugs. They use our home made bug jars to put them in for observation.

Community Garden: On some mornings we walk to the community garden which is less then ten minutes away. We have two raised beds there. We are growing tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow watermelon, orange watermelon, pole beans, and lettuce. The children help water, and we may do a clean up such as moving rocks or spreading the wooden mulch chips on the pathways. We may have a rock counting activity for the pre-schoolers and show them the letters on the plant signs. They also venture out and climb the big tree stump, arrange some rocks, climb the wooden mulch pile, and of course carry a stick! Recently, we made paper airplanes there and brought some crayons so that they could decorate them. Bug hunting and lizard watching has been popular. We may play a chase game we call "zombie". When we are staying longer, we will bring a snack to eat.

9:45 Snack time:

During snack we may tell a requested "spooky story," or we may let them pick out a card from the "Story Starter Kit." The children then tell a story, usually a brief one! 

10:00: Activities

After snack the children 'bus' their plate (put their plate away), and use the bathroom.

Inside play: Some of the activities that the children can choose from are the hammer ball toys and stacking pegs which are especially liked by the 2's & 3 crowd. There are Lego Duplos, and blocks to build with. They can put a train track together and push their train, do puzzles, cut paper, draw with washable markers, crayons, pastels, colored pencils and 'dot art' markers. They can 'read' books in the cube or on the child size couch. Listen to music, cook in the play kitchen & dress-up area. There is a wooden doll house to play with also.

11:45 Lunch Time:

Before lunch we get two children to set the table. They also get to pick out a special cup, and write their name (the best they can), on the table where they will be sitting. Another activity the children do before lunch is help prepare lunch by cutting up the ingredients for the salad bar, or help mixing in the ingredients for one of the soups we make. Making pizza is a big favorite.

Lunch is served family style. We encourage conversations/ discussions and may ask a question of each child so he/she can get an opportunity to say something so the group can listen. After they are finished, they need to put their food in the food scraps, (for composting), dishes in the dishwasher, and then brush their teeth. If we have time, they can play outside for a little while.

12:30: Read books and play games. (Board games, matching game, etc.)

Quiet Time: 12:45 for two year olds.

Quiet Time: 1:00 for three year olds. 

Quiet Time: 1:15 -1:30 four and five year olds. (Older pre-schoolers)

(Part day children may go home between 12:30 to 1:00 )

Wake up time: 3:00

We want to make sure the children don't oversleep so not to interfere with their night time schedule. If a child needs a little more time and/or is a two year old, we give them more time.

3:15 pm. snack time. They can pick activities to do inside or outside.

5:00 Go home time. 

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