We recognize each child as an unique individual. We seek to provide the most appropriate learning experience for your child by creating an environment that is child-guided and developmentally based. Our program provides children with freedom of choice within structure, which encourages the development of problem-solving skills, self-reliance, and socialization. We believe that play is an important part of a child's day. When children play, they construct their own knowledge of the world, physically, cognitively, socially, and this is the most meaningful type of knowledge. We strive to make our activities meaningful and fun. By observing how and what type of play the children are engaged in, this helps us determine the activities and experiences to offer the children.

     Our program is an Eco-friendly Pre-School/Child Care. We want to emphasize the importance of children being outdoors. We encourage them to enjoy nature and model positive earth conservation and responsibility.
     At Tender Care we compost most of the food we eat. We provide nutritional, whole foods, (usually organic), that is minimally processed. We get to eat from our garden too. For more information, please visit tendercaresandiego.com

"Judy takes extra time to send out emails providing detail of daily activities, as well as the weekly menu.  Sometimes pick up or drop off is a quick exchange.  It is very helpful to receive these emails providing detail for activity, if you do not have time to talk about it in the morning or evening.
It is hard to list all of the wonderful things that Tender Care has provided for our family.  We feel fortunate to have had such an amazing and safe place for our boys to go while we had to work.  They learned a great deal, and were both very prepared when it was time to start kindergarten.  We recommend Tender Care to anyone that is interested in a safe, caring, eco friendly learning environment."
Jessica and Greg

Please contact Judy Randant ( B.S. Child Development) at (619) 263-0920. Lic.#370812010.
tendercaresandiego@cox.net.  http://tendercaresandiego.com